Top 6 Best Bike Phone Holder Reviews In 2020

If you love to discover new lands or to enjoy your trip with some energetic music, here, in this blog – you have the answer to the solution – You need a bike phone mount!

To get the best experience in navigation and entertainment, your smartphone needed to be handy and safe. And if you are wondering which one is good to protect your phone when surrounded by so many choices in sizes, prices, and functions, you need a review for best phone mount this year!

Here below is not only the top best 6 phone holders for your bike, these will help you to pick the best one for your trips and bicycle.

Why Do You Need A Phone Mount For Your Bike?

On your hand right now is a USD 1,000-worth-phone, and you don’t want it to get wet or drop in mud during your fun trip.

It’s also not strange when you use a cycling computer to track your trips. But if you want to make your ride become an experience with music, map, record, etc,.. you would need a smartphone that includes every task.

Either you want a specific case to hold your phone, a universal mount that can fit any type of phone or frame bags to hand on, there will be pros and cons that you might consider.

Below are my top 6 bike phone holders for any type of smartphone (iPhone, Galaxy, etc.). Let’s jump right in the details!


Quad Lock Bike Mount Kit


Quad Lock Bike Mount Kit

The kit is designed specifically for the iPhone with the correlated area for the button and adapter.