What Are The Best Brands Of Mountain Bikes?

Mountain biking emerged in the 1970s, then manufacturers started to design sturdier and lighter bikes that could help bikers cross over harsh terrains.

For bikers who want to experience the feeling of riding over difficult terrains such as rocky terrain, understanding the ethos and strengths of brands of mountain bikes is essential. To help you do that, we will break down the leading brands in this domain in this post.

Trek Bikes

The Fuel EX 9.9 Trek Bikes
The Fuel EX 9.9 Trek Bikes

It is one of the biggest mountain bike brands with top-notch bikes across numerous price points. This brand possesses top MTB technologies such as ride-smoothing technology and internal-storage compartments.

The most well-known MTB models of this brand are the Trek Fuel EX and Domane which are applied with new innovative technologies of the brand. Especially, they have “trap doors” on an organized roll with pockets for a tube and tire lever.

Trek is gradually moving away from women bikes to debut unisex sizing bike for everyone, every gender.